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Cortex by PowerHunt – Your Personal Power Grid
Cortex by PowerHunt – Your Personal Power Grid
Cortex by PowerHunt – Your Personal Power Grid
Cortex by PowerHunt – Your Personal Power Grid

How it works


unmatched intelligence inside

Set the scheduler to wake up to hot coffee. Set the lights to automatically shut off. Cortex helps you be sure that you always have power for your critical tasks.

Charging options

Charge it with a standard plug at home before your next camping trip or in the car along the way.  Setup solar panels for free, clean energy from the sun.

CTX MKT WPchargeGraphic

expand on demand


watts of power

load up to five 340W battery packs on a full system


The power of Lithium-Ion

All of Cortex’s battery packs are made with Lithium-Ion cells from LG, tested, trusted and proven battery technologies making it the lightest battery system in it’s class. 


Efficient Battery Powered Appliances

PowerHunt appliances are designed to take advantage of DC power. Studies show inverters lose 20% or more power in conversion to AC and can even damage some appliances.  Inverters seem simple, but there are serious drawbacks. By maintaining a DC environment end to end, PowerHunt can offer unmatched efficiency.

Food Preparation

PHA N   C grande

PowerHunt offers several options for cooking. Our proven DC microwave has been on the market for years, but with the release of Cortex, we’ve boosted it from 12 volts to 24 volts. The multicooker can be used for anything from rice to chili. With the scheduling integrated into Cortex, your appliances can start up when you want so dinner is always ready on time.

Unmatched entertainment options


The 24″ and 39″ PowerHunt TVs can take your outdoor experience to the next level. Transform a tailgate party. Enjoy a late night movie at a place you never imagined. With one of our available pure sine wave inverters or the DC Buck Converter, your consoles and various devices will fit right in.

safely store perishables


Forget cold cuts and soggy sandwiches. The PowerHunt Cooler needs no ice, just Cortex. Bring what you actually like to eat on your next adventure. For someone who uses it everyday in a tiny home, van or in a remote location, the PowerHunt Fridge/Freezer can change the way you think about your diet.

Efficiency starts with DC power


PowerHunt Appliances are made to use the 24 volt direct current supplied by Cortex. By avoiding inversion to run AC appliances from home, efficiency is drastically increased.

The problems other systems face

  • Other systems run AC appliances that were never designed to run on batteries.  AC appliances drain even the biggest batteries very quickly.

  • Other systems rely on inverters wasting 20% to 50% more energy.  Inverters can even damage some appliances with motors.

  • Other systems use heavy batteries such as Lead Acid when you add in the weight of heavy inverters they’re nearly immovable.

  • Other systems are not designed to be expanded.

  • Other systems are only batteries.

What Makes Cortex™ Different?

  • Budgeting and scheduling are built in to give you more control.

  • Cortex is built around 24V DC appliances designed to run on batteries. External inverters are available if needed.

  • By maintaining a DC system end-to-end you don’t lose any power from inverting.

  • Using Lithium-Ion batteries keeps its weight at a small fraction of popular competitors.

  • Cortex can hold 3 battery packs (1020W total) in the main unit and 2 additional battery packs (1700W total) with the expansion.

How did we accomplish our goals?

DC Power

Direct Current is the native form of electricity from renewable sources, as well as generators and batteries. It’s more stable than AC, and safe from the inherent dangers of high voltage AC (alternating current). Using pure DC electricity allows an efficiency advantage of up to 20 percent or more by avoiding costly transformation into AC.


Lithium-Ion, used by the automotive, space and computer industries for years, has greater energy density than other battery types for more available power at full charge. You get a smaller, lighter package and more stored energy for unmatched performance. Lithium-Ion is also notable for a high number of recharge cycles without significant power capacity degradation, for longer service.

Advanced Safety Features

Cortex™ power pack starts with LG™ batteries. can accept a single 340 Watt Lithium-Ion battery pack, or expand to accommodate up to five packs. Each module is comprised of many individual cells inside the module housing. For extra safety, Cortex™ isolates individual modules inside separate aluminum safety chambers. Cortex™ offers two levels of battery management system (BMS) security.

Smart from the beginning

Cortex™ keeps you informed about how much power you have left. Set your power budget to ensure that energy is reserved for your priorities. Set timers to prepare coffee or complete your cooking process at a pre-set time. Monitor batteries and get alerts about battery health, as well as notifications about remaining power, scheduled tasks and firmware updates.


Multiple Inputs

MC4 Solar

110-240V AC

12V Car Lighter Socket




Per Pack


Main Unit holds up to 3 batteries

Expandable up to 5 with Expansion


Two PowerHunt Ports

Four 5V 2.1A USB Ports


Approximately 55lbs when fully loaded


5 Layers of Protection

Dual Battery Management Systems


CORTEX with one 340W battery



CORTEX with three 340W batteries


Who We Are

PowerHunt is a veteran of the mobile appliance industry. It all started with a vision almost twenty years ago. Ching Liu, a lifelong inventor and engineer, conceptualized the idea of a home away from home. A system that is totally grid independent, and would sustain comfortable living almost anywhere on the planet. At the time, critical elements, such as suitable battery cells, were not in place to make this concept a runaway success. Today, Ching’s dream is a reality with PowerHunt’s ™ DC appliances, and the brain of the system, Cortex™.

PowerHunt can power the fun and lifestyle you want anywhere with an intelligent battery and a host of DC appliances

Our goal was to create a battery system you’d actually enjoy using. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make
chili from the tailgate or bring your own drive-in?